Making A Difference – Introducing Our Honor Roll Society

Communities In School of Jacksonville has been working hard to help the students of Jacksonville since 1990. In more than two decades of operation, we have successfully helped more than 110,000 students to overcome a range of challenges ad difficulties in their lives. Many of our students have faced serious issues in their lives such as homelessness, hunger, and poverty. However, with the help of our dedicated team, we have been able to make a real difference in their lives.

Working both inside and outside the classroom, our highly-trained team works closely with each and every one of our students to help them achieve their goals. We understand that every student’s needs are completely different. As a result our staff, work personally with each student to help manage their particular case, get them involved in after schools programs, sign up for various enrichment activities and develop both their academic and social skills. For our students, this means a new path to success and a better world for them to enjoy moving forward.

Continue to learn about our Honor Roll Society at Communities In School of Jacksonville and how you can get involved.

The Honor Roll Society

At Communities In School of Jacksonville, we rely on donations to provide our students with the support they need. Whether you decide to make a one-time donation or a recurring payment, anyone who donates to Communities In School of Jacksonville will instantly become a member of our Honor Roll Society. Through your generosity and support, you can help us to make a real difference in the lives of our students.

How Your Donations Help

Donations from our honor roll society can make a huge difference in the lives of our students. While individual donations are always appreciated, giving monthly is the best way to maximize the impact your generosity has on our students. The money we receive from our Honor Roll Society is used for a multitude of different purposes in Communities In School of Jacksonville. For example, a donation of just $17 per month is enough for one student to have the school supplies they need for the academic year. Donations of $25 per month help to ensure that students have access to basic requirements like clothing food and personal hygiene products. Larger donations of $100 can be enough to give students the chance to prepare for college, including application fees, certification costs, and workshops dedicated to developing their resumes for career opportunities in the future.

Get In Touch With Communities In School of Jacksonville To Learn More

As a member of our Honor Roll Society, you can help to improve the lives of many disadvantaged students in our community. Honor Roll Society members also receive regular updates from our team and our students to demonstrate the positive real-life impact that your kindness and generosity have had. To find out more about becoming a member of our Honor Roll Society and how you can help the students in our community, be sure to get in touch with our team at Communities In School of Jacksonville today!